Wednesday, March 7, 2012

T'was the night before...

      Flight from San Diego started under overcast skies before dawn.  I had the entire row of 3 to myself, so I am thinking this will be a wonderful flight.  Right before they close the doors to the plane a lady toting her infant in a car seat makes her way down the aisle and sits directly behind me.  Great.  Fantastic.  Now I have to listen to a baby crying the entire flight.  Turns out the baby wasn't loud at all, but the mother was horrible.  She coochie cooed that little baby at the top of her lungs, was incessantly rattling something at the kid and coughing.

     Once we took off everything quieted down and we broke through the early morning cloud cover to see the sun rise.  As we moved east I looked down to see the cloud cover smashing against the mountains in the east like water upon rocky shores.  Mountains gave way to the desert and the green farm lands that strangely sit in the middle.

     It wasn't long before I nodded off and woke as we were landing in Houston for an hour layover.  There I found a bar to sit, have a beer and $20 sandwich.  I boarded my flight to Atlanta around midday.  I was on a small jet that had  single row of seats on one side and a double on the other.  When I picked the seat on line 6 months ago I immediately thought, pick the single seat.  I don't have to worry about sitting next to another person and I get both the window and the aisle.  Well little did I know that the row with the single seats are both crammed against the side of the tiny plane and small enough that my shoulder protruded in the aisle enough that everyone walking by had the pleasure of jarring me awake.

     2 hours came and went and I landed in Georgia smoothly.  My sweet friends, Andrea and Kurtis Miller, picked me up and drove me to their home in Hiawassee.  Along the way we stopped and had sushi to wait out the rush hour traffic a bit.

     Today Kurtis drove me to where my father is staying at a campground near the beginning of the trail.  I dropped off my box of extra supplies and clothes and made plans to meet up tomorrow morning to buy some food and go to the trail head.  My father is planning on following me north in his RV, kinda leap frogging around towns near to where I will be getting off for resupply.

     This is it, one more night in a very comfortable bed.

     Tomorrow I walk.

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